Commercial wood floor sanding services

We take care of everything to achieve the result you wish and to protect your business from extra expenses for cleaning. We can do that in hours out of your business operation. We know it can be made in the late hours. It requires dust-less technology and lower noise solutions.

Our experience in London commercial promises is also for outdoor decking, surfaces with extreme usage, overuse of the floor.

Every restaurant or commercial area has something of periodic renewal. Also, you may need to replace a decor, a commercial part, or change the owner of a place.

In each of these cases, you may use our services.

It is especially necessary for office premises that have a large number of visitors, and the surface of the wooden floor is seriously injured. This may be:

  • Coworking offices
  • Coffee shops

Sports centers:

  • School playgrounds;
  • Martial arts, sports and boxing halls.

Other premises:

  • Actors' scenes;
  • Galleries;
  • Stores;
  • Learning Centers;
  • Churches.

What wooden surface we can fix, repair and back to life:

  • all types of floors;
  • stairs in commercial buildings;
  • chairs, desks, walls.

We can offer also:

  • floor repair of any damage;
  • remove bubbles, scratches, holes;
  • change the wood colour.

At any moment, it is essential to make a detailed view and to tell you what you require to make the wooden coverings and the floor in the perfect condition according to your needs.

More Sanding Services

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