What is the dust-free floor sanding

We use a specialized machines to keep the dust in the machinery during the process. It holds all the sanded wood in a bag. Also, we cover all elements of the premises to protect from the finest small pieces.

However, the dust is part of any sanding. It's normal to see at least small pieces of dirt.

What it's better to ask for dust free service:

  • You will save money from cleaning after that process.
  • It doesn't do any extra damage to the walls and furniture.
  • No mess is needed.

It's good to use this features in case of:

  • A baby is living in the location;
  • There are elderly people;
  • People with allergies;
  • Clients are coming in the promise (for commercial sites);
  • The premise has some furniture, painting, or something else;

Let's chat and decide how to make you happy with your newly renovated floor, after dust-free sanding.

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