Expert wood floor sanders

We're specialists with over 25 years of professional experience. Members of our team are second-generation Sanders who know the traditions and fix any wood or floor problem.

Our team uses only professional machinery with the best possible tools to ensure that you'll get the exact service and effect. We also know how to use these tools, which is the only possible combination that can bring the result you require.

Sanders for every need

We're ready to cover all needs and demands:

  • full restoration of an ancient surface, old floors, unique wood
  • repair any floor with nailing, polishing, light service, reclaiming, coloring (staining)
  • gently may surface like a new one and bring it health life

We do that with buffer machines, drum machines, bona Flexi for fine surface, parquet, and engineered wood.

Why Choose Sanding 360 Sanders?

Our mission is to provide the best possible service to any customer. We know how everything works, our expert will give a quote with the exact price, and we'll do exactly what you want.

We accept no exceptions with our work, and we do that from the very beginning of our service. Our team is educated, experienced, and ready to start working on your wooden surface and floors.

More Sanding Services

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