Wooden wall sanding service

It can be without sanding the floors, or we can include it too. A good practice is to make the walls first, then the stairs (if any), and after that, the floors (if included).

The service has an outstanding effect when renovating entire premises in houses, hotels, chalets, villas, and other buildings.

Typically, when sanding the walls, it is necessary to remove all hanging things like paintings, lamps, elements, and more. It can be done for an extra charge for the service or do it yourself.

It is highly advisable to make the wall-sanding entirely so as not to leave places in the previous state or worst conditions. Still, here we are talking about complete cycling. If you only want a partial sanding of a part, then that's ok.

You may also consider that all nails should be removed (if any) during the restoration. Keep in mind this sanding service is once per 4-6 years so that you should consider what effect to achieve (it's not a seasonal renovation).

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