Deck Sanding Service

In this type of service, it is essential to check the sub-floor condition and how much it is isolated from the soil. That is a crucial element in order not to humidify the tree from below.

We include this part in the service and do a proper check to make sure what can be done.

Decks have different types of wood that can be used and the sanding process there definitely requires professionalism. Separately, sealing of the surface is done with other coatings (in the case of staining, polishing) to be healthy for a longer period of time.

With this kind of sanding, if it's the already existing deck we do separately and:

  • filling holes (gaps) and replacing boards if necessary
  • tightening the floor
  • rearrangement if necessary
  • change color if you want

Our experts can perform such cycles for:

  • terraces of houses, outside courtyard
  • commercial parts with exterior display (especially pubs)
  • hotels, music scenes, roofs

For this kind of service it is mandatory to do the first inspection, then to do it by an expert in decking, because it requires other types of equipment, technique, and tools.

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