Wood nailing service

Typically, nailing has to be done before sanding the floor surface. This is important in order to keep up with the level for the sandpapers and wood buffing.

What types of nailing are performed as a service:

  • a complete replacement of all nails used to set the floor;
  • partial change of distinguished and injured nails;
  • placing a new wooden floor with a nailing method.

For nailing it is important to consider:

  • the length of the nails in relation to the thickness of the wooden floor;
  • to be hidden as much as possible from the surface;
  • only use quality nails to avoid rotting and harming the wood;
  • whether planks do not need to be replaced before the nails get bruised;

When this service is performed, the nails themselves' price is usually not included.

It is advisable to put new nails on wooden floors, keep what's left for future repair if they need to be replaced in time - so make sure you have a spare pack of nails if needed.

What we offer with nailing is:

  • make sure not to injure the sub-floor surface
  • to use it carefully so as not to disturb the wood

The nailing service is available for different types of surfaces:

  • wooden floorboards from hardwood, solid wood, parquet;
  • stairs and staircases;
  • walls, kitchen plots, cabinets;
  • retail outlets (including walls and bar countertops).

During the floor repair or sanding process, we can replace all nails, just to be sure that everything is done properly from A to Z. Of course, it may take some more time, but we will repair the flooring in the best possible way. It's up to you and your budget.

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