Wood Floor Gap Filling Service

What does it mean? It's placing small boards from the same tree if the holes between the floorboards. Sometimes we can use an adhesive or some professional product for proper filling of all gaps. We make a mixture with the sanded wood during the sanding to make a perfect adhesive for filling all the gaps.

There are two options for gap filling:

  • Placing a mixture that includes sawdust and a homogeneous mixture (most popular method;
  • A resin or a particular type of mixture designed to fill and stick holes in wooden floors or other wooden surfaces.

The gap filling can be done in different ways:

  1. Filling a gap up to 3mm with dust and resin;
  2. Using slivers for gaps with more than 3 mm width.

Why fill the gaps of your floor

  • To stop excessive screeching noise;
  • To protect the sub-floor of additional contamination;
  • Preserve long life on the floor;
  • To isolate the room from noise, draft, other;
  • To create a firm floor and continue successfully with sanding as part of the floor renovation.

If you want, we can do staining, varnishing, or polishing after the filling. Sometimes it's a must to protect the floor, but it depends on the floorboards' size and what else has to be done during the floor restoration.

For which types of wood can make gap filling:

  • It is mainly on floors with parquet, solid wood or other similar. In the engine wood, such filling is not done.

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