Floor maintenance service

Among the services, we offer you maintenance of wooden floor, stairs, decking. For commercial outlets, periodic maintenance is almost imperative to avoid complete repair at a later stage and preserve the style of the establishment/ office/room.

What types of maintenance can we offer:

  • monthly for heavy loaded floors
  • quarterly - to inspect small corrections and polish the surface
  • half a year - fine refreshment of the top layer on the floor
  • on a yearly basis - once a year, to inspect and maintain the floor if adjustments are needed. This option is more for residential buildings, flats, and houses.

Definitely, the service has an excellent benefit for owners of a rental property. The maintenance of the flooring makes it possible to avoid extensive repair of the floor and to affect the tenants of the apartment/house.

Floor maintenance can be done for any kind of floor and wood

  • engineered wood, solid wood, parquet flooring
  • all types of surface colors
  • every wood type - from classic to exotic patterns on the floor

To determine which type of maintenance is best for your floor, you can contact us and make a site inspection. So we can give you the right solution for your needs.

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