Wood floor Polishing Service

Polishing can be done on different types of wooden floors as well as on kitchen countertops. It's part of the finishing process, in most cases after sanding or refinishing of new wood floorboards.

Some of the significant advantages of polishing are:

  • A smooth surface of the wooden floor;
  • Brilliant appearance, matte effect or other;
  • Sealed floor surface for more durable effect.;

For many clients, polishing is a kind of refreshment on the floor, and this is done periodically, even without the need for full sanding and all other restoration services. In this case, we can only do light sanding (which includes polishing) as a complimentary service.

In case it is necessary before polishing, we can repair some parts of the floor to have maximum effect on the whole surface. Basically, no matter what was done before on the floor surface, we can offer you a solution for every kind of wood, whether it is a parquet or hardwood floor.

In general, it is only necessary at the beginning to do precise cleaning (buffing with soft pads).

For the finishing process we can offer:

  • wax - if you prefer to have a good-looking effect;
  • oil - for a more shining result;
  • water-based oil - in some cases it's recommended;
  • varnish (lacquer) - long-lasting solution as a sealant.

* - we have solutions for allergy suffers, kids' rooms, and people who want only bio (organic) solutions.

As you can see, there is definitely a need for expert implementation of the process because the service aims to make the wooden floor look perfect. For this purpose, it is always better to use a professional company to achieve the desired effect and not to have any complications (or side effects).

Our team can advise on the service and, if interested, provide a quote for polishing. In practice, we can offer you pretty attractive options and do the polishing for you.

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